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2020 - 2022 | Content, creative, social media, and marketing strategy for mental health tech company

About helps individuals find a mental health therapist. Monarch is the newest B2C product owned & operated by SimplePractice, a B2B practice management software for behavorial health therapists. 

My Work

As the team's first full-time marketing strategist dedicated to the launch of the Monarch product, I built and led social media content and creative marketing strategies from scratch. I worked closely with product, research, and editorial leads to understand user needs, drive engagement, and build the brand from the ground up.  


  • In 6 months, in collaboration with agency: grew paid conversions by 123%, cut CPA over 40%, grew subscriber lists 60X

  • 10x web traffic from social channels, 1 year post-launch, in collaboration with editorial team

  • Avg. Instagram MOM growth rate of 35% and and 15.8% eng. rate (industry benchmarks are ~2% )

  • Partnership with Olympian led to cross-platform reach over 150M+ in 3 major magazines

Social Media - Product Launch 

  • Independently built and led organic social channels from scratch for 2021 product launch of Monarch 

  • Crafted core messaging standards based on user and industry research for marketing, product, advertising, and partners

  • Owned creative strategy, design, copy, community 

Organic Instagram Feed - Launch

Paid Social - Launch

IMG_2438 (1).jpg
Screen Shot 2023-01-24 at 5.25.36 PM.png

illustrations by Rebecca Clarke

Video / Reel Image Cover

Launch Post Caption Copy

Launch Video Script / Text

Brand Development

  • Developed Monarch social brand: owned content creation, creative strategy, copy, and brand storytelling

  • Crafted core messaging standards for marketing, advertising, and external partners

Brand Presence

brand 2.png

You trust Monarch as a guide because of our integrity, expertise, and human touch. 

You've finally found a reliable wellness resource that isn't too "woo woo" but also allows you to be YOU. We don't shame anyone. There is beauty, thought, and substance in every touchpoint. 

Monarch's voice is mature and empathetic, like that of a supporting partner. Someone you admire and trust, who is approachable and encouraging (not sterile). 

Redesign Mock-ups


Paid Ads Creative

  • Led creative & copy for paid social campaigns

  • Owned creative briefing and development of Monarch’s first creator ads

  • Oversaw agency relationship for paid acquisition optimization

  • In 6 months, increased conversions by 123%, cut CPA by over 40%, grew subscriber lists over 60X

Strategic Partnerships

  • Identified opportunity to build first partnership with Olympian and mental health advocate Alexi Pappas @alexipappas

  • Developed and led partnership – including strategy meetings, social campaigns, and synergy with PR and marketing 

  • Led to increased brand awareness and cross-platform reach over 150M+ in 3 major magazines

Instagram Live
Hosted Kickoff Interview

Alexi's Partnership Instagram Announcement @alexipappas


Social Posts

Social Media Content & Creative Strategy

  • Led asset creation for graphics, animations, and videos in collaboration with designer – priority on Instagram 

  • Translated marketing objectives and data into content, copywriting, designs, and creative for organic & paid campaigns

  • 1 year post-launch: grew IG followers by 12X, avg. monthly growth rate of 35%, avg. 15.8% eng. rate, 10X web traffic

social creative 1.png

Instagram Feed

Instagram Post
How to Find a Therapist 

Instagram Post

Instagram Post
Gratitude Journal 

Video Content Creation

  • Owned conception, creation, script collaboration, copywriting, and editing of lo-fi videos

  • Produced Monarch’s first collaborations with mental health therapists, "Therapist Talks"

Affirming Mixed Race Identity
Part of "Therapist Talks" Series

About Monarch
Organic Social Video 

Who Are You? 
Organic Social Video 

Burnout Affirmations
Organic Social Video 


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