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I'm Remy, a multi-faceted storyteller

with diverse experience crafting user-centric content, leading creative execution, building digital marketing strategies, supporting a product launch, managing workflows, and partnering across multi-disciplinary areas of expertise. My unique skills have driven measurable growth, enhanced team dynamics, and created magic in the midst of ambiguity. 

Content, Creative, Social Media, Advertising & Marketing Strategy

Content Creation, Social Media

Content Marketing, Blog Writing, Graphics, Social Media

UX, UI, Visual & Content Design

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UX, UI, Visual Design, Content Strategy

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Monarch by SimplePractice


Creative Marketing Strategy, Social Media Manager, Monarch

Brand | Design, UX, UI | Content Strategy | Social Media 

Creative Pro | Storyteller | Community Leader

Mosaic Research Management


External Communications, Research

Content & Creative Marketing


College of Charleston

Bachelor of Arts Degree, Highly Distinguished Honors

General Assembly

Certificates: UX Design | Visual Design

Linkedin Learning

Certificate: Google Ads Essentials

New York University

Semester Program, Tisch Stonestreet Studio

Association of National Advertisers

Certificates: Inspiring Great Creative | Creative Copy

William Esper Studio

Certificate: Meisner Technique, Acting

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