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Acerca de

Hey, nice to meet you!

I'm Remy Teicher.  

I’m a curious, creative creature based in Los Angeles, CA. I gravitate towards activities, people, and cultures that inspire us all to live more authentic, expressive, and emotionally fulfilled lives.

Some things I care about: 

  • Mental health and wellness

  • Empowering others

  • Meaningful communication

  • Powerful stories and art 

  • My brother's adorable dog, Bernini the pug

  • Delicious snacks and dark chocolate 

What I've been up to 

➔ I’m a multi-faceted storyteller with a passion for work that empowers and uplifts humanity. Empathy is at the core of what I do, enabling me to foster positive team dynamics and develop impactful user experiences.

➔ Most of my career so far has been in-house for tech companies – understanding user needs and owning marketing, content, and creative strategies. 

➔ I have diverse experience crafting user-centric content, leading creative execution, building marketing strategies, driving a product launch, managing workflows, and partnering across multi-disciplinary areas of expertise. With a combination of endless curiosity, data insights, storytelling, and a knack for grasping the complexity of humans, I sucessfully bring projects to life from concept to completion.

➔ Fun fact: I also have a past life as a professional actress. This experience provides me with a unique perspective on the human experience and many skills that transfer to UX, marketing, and design, such as: 


  • Empathy & Emotional Awarenessincredible aptitude for understanding and translating emotional needs to create meaningful experiences and cultivate harmonious teams.

  • Natural Storyteller: talent for emotionally engaging users/customers as well as stakeholders/colleagues; strong presentation skills.

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset: resilient in the face of failure and challenges, solution-oriented, can take calculated risks and learn from setbacks.

  • Creative Dexterity: innate curiosity, talent for creating something out of nothing, ability to work through ambiguous direction, excited to creatively tackle challenges. 

  • Collaborative Leadership: proactive leader with strong communication skills, ability to work with varied personalities, willingness to take direction and  feedback. 



Content Strategy



Creative Strategy

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