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Acerca de

Hey, nice to meet you!

I'm Remy Teicher.  

Currently based in Los Angeles, I'm a curious and creative soul drawn toward activities, people, and cultures that inspire us to lead more authentic and emotionally fulfilling lives. 

Some passions I care about: 

  • Immersing myself in the worlds of writing, art, design

  • Promoting all things mental health and wellness

  • Having endless conversations about human psychology 

  • Exploring technology that betters our lives 

  • Empowering others around me 

  • Engaging in meaningful communication

  • Indulging in delicious snacks and dark chocolate 

What I've been up to 

➔ As a versatile content marketing leader and storyteller, I craft strategies and content that blend creativity with data-driven insights to increase brand awareness, build thought leadership, generate demand, and drive results. 

➔ My approach is driven by thoughtful communication and passion, fostering team synergy and driving meaningful impact.

➔ Since 2017, my career has primarily been focused on in-house content marketing roles within SaaS tech companies.

➔ Not your average career plot twist: My past-life as a professional actress has enriched my marketing career, arming me with a rare outlook on  human psychology and a blend of cross-functional talents: 

  • Empathy & Emotional AwarenessTranslating core needs to create valuable content, improve user experiences, and cultivate harmonious teams

  • Entrepreneurial & Leadership Mindset: Promoting cohesiveness, demonstrating resilience in facing challenges, embracing calculated risks, and learning from setbacks

  • Storytelling: Emotionally engaging prospects, customers, stakeholders, and team members 

  • Creative Dexterity: Creating impactful solutions and narratives from scratch while navigating ambiguous directives

Content Marketing


Creative Strategy

Product Marketing


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