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NYC: A Love Letter of Letting Go

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Dearest NYC,

This love letter serves as a celebratory emblem of letting go and letting in.

NYC, I love you. And it's time to let go. This week, I decided I’m making the move to LA.

A thorough list of pros and cons or a perfectly planned future aren’t the driving forces here. After spending my entire life on the east coast, I'm taking this jump with a whole lot of heart, trust, and some serious shape-shifting. If I could perfectly explain my intuition, then it’s not really intuition. When ya know, ya know.

The process of tremendous life transition, along with the prelude to making a huge move, is far from being purely delicious. It’s immensely terrifying, heart breaking, and massively expanding all at once. The recognition of loss and letting go of people/places manifests in unpredictable emotional waves. So, yeah, I've cried a ton recently, and I've craved even more hugs than usual. Even more, I feel immense peace as I choose to expand through the fluid pull of my heart, massive change, and new opportunity. I feel like a multi-colored top-notch glowing orbing lava lamp.

NYC, you’ve given me:

Humans I love with all my heart.

A raw sense of soul.

A source of constant adventure and challenge and discovery.

You’ve driven me mad with darkness and wild with peace and light and love.

You’ve taught me how to find stillness amidst extreme chaos.

You’ve given me grounding in my being,

and in my craft as a creative creature of the moment (shoutout to fellow Meisner actors).

You’ve shown me that there is always room to expand,

always another story to embody,

always more room to imagine wildly,

always another world to uncover.

At times you've deceived me, teased me, rattled me, and then stirred my soul.

You’ve taught me that fear can be a friend,

that immense gratitude lies within grief.

You given me world-flipping heartbreak and depths of love.

You’ve provided me with permission for crazy unabashed expression.

You’re a radical, magical, mystical, beautiful bitch.

NYC, you've made me a badass, powerful,

whole-embodied woman.

NYC: You're a crazy colorful city of continual curiosity, challenge, hustle, discovery, and play. You’ll always be where you are, and it's possible I may one day see you again as my home. (Fun fact: I’d love to have a home throne in many locations....NYC, LA, and who knows…maybe Israel too).

Because the more I get to know myself,

the more I uncover this human-suit of mine,

the more I step into my power,

the more I realize how much I don’t know,

how much there is to be continually uncovered.

And at current, anytime I practice a visualization, meditation, daydream, or put my hand over my heart, I hear: “You must wholly let go in order to let in”. I see ocean and I see open space. I see huge shifts and transition and change. I see risk and a leap across the country.

It's quite enlivening to accept the fact that, while I can imagine possibilities, I must be open to the magnificent leases on life and opportunity beyond my own foresight. One thing is for sure: I’m being moved to LA right now.

After living alone for 5 years, I’ve decided to stay at a co-living spot in Venice with 80ish housemates (wellness pros, tech pros, creatives, writers, actors, mystics, students, entrepreneurs…. all people committed to growth, exchange, and constant delicious snacks). At first, I came here for a quick trip in August, came back to visit/work in October, and now I’ve decided to stay (with a short visit back to NYC to make the official move). I feel nourished.

Right now, I feel more in tune with my inner clock when I'm by the ocean, than within the city bustle.

I feel more enlivened creatively, I feel more motivated, and I feel my sense of opportunity expanding. I now realize that I’ve been subconsciously preparing for this move the past year, slowly decluttering my apartment “just in case.” Not wanting to commit to plans past November because “I don’t know where I’ll be yet.” Constantly asking myself, “what if I moved to LA.”

I’ve often told myself the following lies:

  • I need to wait until everything feels comfortable and approved to take the next step.

  • I need to know where all my control lies in order to take action.

  • I need to know all the answers in order to make decisions.

NOPE. Not the truth. These are limiting beliefs that are belittling to my spirit and capacity to manifest.

I’m way too bold for comfort to be a dictation of my actions. I no longer lead with comfort. I lead with heart.

So. Hey Los Angeles. I'm here. Let's do magic.

Much love,


P.S. Brooklyn, this is primarily dedicated to you, because you've been my home, and you're considerably weirder and more badass than Manhattan. (Brooklynites, you know what I'm talking about). Manhattan, you're cool too...but Brooklyn, you're one mighty special gal.

And most of the NYC humans who I love. My tribes. Goddesses. Teachers. Human aliens whom I adore. I love you so much.

photo by Priya Bond

Remy Teicher is a creative professional, storyteller, social media professional and meaning-maker.

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1 Kommentar

24. Okt. 2019

Beautiful. I love the content of your love letter. It is very touching. It can be hard to make decisions, especially when it comes to moving. We can spend to much time thinking on the reasons not to and miss the opportunity of a lifetime to grow. But as you did I just « Send it ». After the military I had a choice to stay in Hawaii or move to Los Angeles. I had plenty valid reasons not to move to LA, but I decided to take the step and not let fear set me off my learning experience . Now I live in a beautiful community in Venice with beautiful people like you 🤗🤗 and I love it. Like you…

Gefällt mir
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